Travel friendly knit kit

Though I travel some for work, I'm no 100,000K road warrior. These folks can spend hours discussing the pros and cons of luggage brands, styles and proper stacking strategies. They are likely to carry duct tape.

Not quite as seasoned--"stacking challenged," as my colleague Stephanie likes to say--I find it hard to balance the laptop atop the rollaboard. Me and my luggage? A bit like watching the Three Stooges navigate the escalators, moving sidewalks, TSA agents, trains and shuttles involved in modern air transport.

But the knitting thing. That I got down. For domestic trips I carry the following: A small circular needle case with a variety of needle sizes, wood and metal, a Chibi, needle gauge and The Knit Kit--a fabulous gizmo. The circular needle cases are large enough to accommodate small projects or even a sweater sleeve along with all the tools. (Mine was a promotion; but here's a similar one).

Happy trails, everyone!

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June 12. 2009 12:46


Well, it looks like a miniature toilet seat, together with a miniature toilet brush, along with some coat hangers but I'll take your word for it. Happy trails to you, too!!

Susan |

June 12. 2009 16:14


Your travel kit looks surprisingly like mine -- sans the knit kit [I've resisted so far].  I use a LLBean lunchbox I purchased on sale and I find it is squishy but structured enough to see everything without too much rummaging.  I'm thinking I can add zipper bags on notebook rings and attach them [sewn?  grommets?] inside and voila.
Have a wonderful trip and I hope you get to wedge in some fountain splashing in your sexy little black dress.  Ciao!

Harper |

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