True confessions

Bet you haven’t been able to sleep at night wondering about my afghan. It’s got you on pins and needles, hasn’t it?

I hesitate showing the latest square, because, well, because y’all might’ve done the proper thing. You wouldn’t have made a devil’s bargain like me. When you saw square was beginning to look like a map of Paris, you would've ripped it. I know you. That's exactly what you would've done. You would’ve started from scratch, carefully following the pattern until your square was complete and perfect. Right? You would never add a stitch—or three—here—decrease one or two there to make the pattern come out. To bend it to your will Would you?


The evidence

Tell me I’m not going to hell.

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August 14. 2006 08:41


naw...purgatory maybe.  but no hell.  Besides, isnt the essence of art the ability to "bend it to your will"?

I love it!

John |

August 14. 2006 23:16


I never rip anything out except as an absolute last resort. And the square looks fine.

Susan |

June 29. 2007 17:13



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