True sweater confessions

Three Sisters from Knitted Jackets

Last fall I declared the above sweater, ""Mission accomplished." And then tried it on.

Having "got gauge" while swatching and deluded by my own personal myth of "always knitting to gauge," I neglected to check that very important element while knitting. Oh, the hubris of it all. The sheer arrogance.

Convinced I would have to reknit, I threw it in a corner until I could face the inevitable music (the funeral march, in this case) and rip it out.

I never mentioned the incident to Cheryl. Would you?

This month, however, I did drag the offending item to our guild meeting and fessed up.

Cheryl looked at it appraisingly and said, "Oh, we can block that out."


It turns out, not only did I botch gauge, but I neglected to knit the proper number of rows on the collar, which gave me an extra two to three inches. It now fits beautifully.

Moral of the story. Eat crow. Ask expert. And check gauge early and often.

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January 27. 2009 18:59


I am not sure of the difference between gauge and gage, but the sweater looks great!  No matter what the vocation or your level of expertise it helps to communicate/share with to your knitting community!

John |

January 28. 2009 09:18


Looks great & comfy - looks like the kind of sweater that will get worn a lot.  Love that yarn; what is it?

mwknitter |

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