Trusty steed

I bought the bike as a 30th birthday present to myself. Three or four years ago. Ahem. It was back when the mountain bike craze hit and I thought that peddling on dirt roads accompanied by cool mountain breezes sounded just great. Until I tried it.

Straight up dirt roads. Careening down steep grades. Not my thing. I'm slow going up and even slower going down. Mitch and I agreed long ago that this was not a sport we could enjoy together.

Happily I didn't invest in a serious mountain bike. Mine is more of an all-terrain ride, which I bought because of its pink accents. Perfect for peddling around town, which given the state of the world and my weight, I've taken to doing more often.

I've been lusting after these cute cruisers; I saw one at the store the other day with streamers and a basket. Caused a wave of nostalgia that just about knocked me over. When I was a kid I had a navy blue Schwinn outfitted with a white basket with flowers on it. That was before my grandfather updated it with sting-ray handle bars and a banana seat.

Anyway, Mitch just updated this bike with a rack on the back where I can hang panniers, which is a much more comfortable way to carry groceries than a backpack. We're seeing a lot more bikes and scooters in the 'hood these days, which makes it easier for me to venture forth. Fewer cars equals less fear.

Anyway, it may not be a cruiser, but it's a sturdy ride nonetheless. The bike that is, not the cat.

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June 20. 2008 03:14


Bought a second-hand bike 2 weeks ago. Tried peddling it around MY neighbourhood (too hilly, too dirty, too bumpy) - resold it on Craig's List for $5 more than I paid. But still feel a bit sad - would like to be more ecological but man - those hills.

Susan |

June 20. 2008 08:37


yeah - these days living in the midwest (Chicago area) where you have to really go out of your way to find even a small hill, is a bonus.  Which is good considering that we have the highest gas prices in the country.

mwknitter |

June 20. 2008 09:53


Two kids to drop at camp or school every morning.  Biking to work is not an option, however, we're doing more recreational family biking this year.  Or we will be once the little one's cast is off her arm!

Diana |

June 21. 2008 04:31


I really should pull out my bike. I have nothing fancy myself. I know I would not get into mtn biking.

Wanda |

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