Tunisian Crochet or Why I Spent $40 on a Crochet Hook

Having longed to make some of Jennifer Hansen's designs in Tunisian and hairpin lace crochet, I eagerly registered for Fancy Tiger's Tunisian crochet scarf class. I had the yarn in stash--Cascade Magnum--and owned a Tunisian crochet hook I bought off Mr. Jenkins in Estes Park. Surely one Tunisian crochet hook is like another; they couldn't possibly come in sizes, could they?

It's thinking like this that makes me worry.

Yes, they do come in sizes and this class required an almost impossible-to-source size T, which the store has had on order since October. To meet class needs, they ordered custom size S'es from Jenkins Woodworking--the only downside being the hand-hewn, made-in-the-USA price tag of 40 bucks. For a crochet hook.

Fine, I'll just make do with my little size N, learn the technique and be done with it. But then I saw the scarf and those fabulously exaggerated stitches...Tell me you wouldn't have done the same thing.

I bought the big wood. And am loving it!

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