Am I the only one who’s feeling…restless? The only one who's been cheating on her knitting?

Ran across these in the Sundance catalog and all I could think about was how fun it would be to embroider a state pillow. Cute, no?


From Cat Studio

Unfortunately they only offer finished items. Along with pillows there are aprons, placemats, dishtowels, napkins and glasses—for all 50 states, various cities, countries, regions and parks. But I wanted to stitch it myself.

Then I ran across this site, Vintagecat.com, which offers vintage knitting, sewing and embroidery patterns. There are some kitschy kitten motifs, I’m itching to stitch. Also found these little numbers at sewfunpatterns.com:


Surely , someone’s got a state pillow kit somewhere????



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July 24. 2007 02:59


There has to be something out there.  Years ago, my mom made a quilt on who's squares she had embroidered the name, state flower and state bird of all 50 states.  I want that quilt!  

I'm sure you can find something!

Christie |

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