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It was a weekend of classic spring extremes: 84 degrees on Saturday, snowing on Sunday. Both days held their appeal.

The fine weather inspired a flurry of botanically related activity. Our vegetal ambitions had outgrown our space. Last year the garden spilled over with leggy tomatoes, sweet dumpling squash and heirloom Audrey II's to the point that some of our green darlings didn't get the sun or care they deserved. So Saturday Mitch doubled the size of our farm. With a pick ax. On a vegan diet.

Steering clear of any low-blood sugar fallout, I put up a batch of soap. Orange-ginger, in case you're wondering. Should be fabulous.

Antone was an enormous help.

We've gotten to be such presumptious gardeners that we've decided to try some seeds this year.

I'm mad for the illustrations on the seed packs. Such fun wallpaper they would make! And such great salads. Here's hoping!

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April 5. 2011 21:27


You will love having your own tender dinosaur kale.  Andrew Weil has a wonderful salad recipe for it--I make it whenever I see a nice bunch.

Marie |

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