Vegan What's-for-Dinner Recipe Contest

Any Vera fans out there? A post mid-century designer, Vera Neumann broke ground in the textile world by brightening up the tabletop and bringing big prints to sheets. If you're of a certain age, you'll remember that fashionable women everywhere festooned their necks with her scarves. She was huge in the SIxties and Seventies.

Though I'm a freelancer, I regularly collaborate with a team of extremely smart folks, who were in town yesterday for an all-day hoedown. After we made our presentations, we got to pick a surprise or steal someone else's. Since freelancers don't play well with others, I swiped the above.

These are going into the permanent collection at Chez Nake-id. But for the contest, I plan to reward the randomly picked winner with his or her very own veggie-themed Vera dish towels.

Post your recipe by next Tuesday, Aug. 2. The winner will be announced on Aug. 3.

I'll also post recipes contributed throughout the week with links to your blogs of websites.

Thanks for playing!

Vegan Recipe of the Day

Quorn Pasta (from The Crafty Geek)

Combine pasta, green pesto and Quorn, plus toasted pine kernels on top.

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