Vegan belly aching

For those of you who truck with astrology, you know Cancers have weak stomachs. Trust me when I say: You don't want to sit next to me on a turbulent aircraft.

It's not surprising that the all-plant diet has wreaked a bit of havoc on the Nake-id digestive system. There's been, how shall I put this delicately, plenty of chitty-chitty bang-bang, if you get my drift.

Maybe you shouldn't sit next to me on an aircraft. Ever.

But the Internets provide. Since taking a good probiotic in the morning and evening and digestive enzymes before meals (when I remember), things have calmed considerably. I'm no doctor, so take this post with a grain of Celtic Sea Salt, but I do feel better.

And, I was able to shimmy into a skirt I couldn't wear two months ago.

Have a spear of asapargus on me.


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