Vegan moussaka recipe mash-up

There was an eggplant in the fridge, a vow to try new recipes on the table and a snowy Saturday afternoon.

The Veganomicon doth provide.

The above is actually a melange of The Veganomicon's Eggplant Potato Moussaka with Pine Nut Cream and an old favorite from The New Basics (minus the lamb and creamy parts). I substituted chopped almonds for the breadcrumbs (gluten free!) and added dried apricots, raisins and extra spices to the sauce (cumin, additional cinnamon, some ginger and a dollop of agave to cut the tartness of the apricots, which have been lolling about the cabinets since the Bush administration.)

Don't try this on a weeknight or you'll be cursing your casserole. There are vegetables to roast (doing this earlier in the day would save oodles

of evening prep time) and tofu to Cuisinart. We served it with a plain arugula salad dressed in lemon and olive oil.

The clean up was epic. But the meal? Divine!


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