Vegan tamales to go

After a fractured week--reentry from vacation, fender bender and an 18-hour Internet outtage--I begged Nake-id IT for some vegan tamales from Atomic Tamale (discovered on Plants & Animals Denver).

Located in the back of La Muerte Apparel--a crafter-gone-pro gift shop brimming with locally made home decor, kitchen accessories and clothing in cheeky Day-of-the-Dead and rockabilly prints--Atomic Tamales is a vegetarian tamale stand that serves up meatless tamales, taquitos and on Sundays...vegan, tripe-free menudo!

For 10 bucks, Mitch got six tamales, three veggie with green chile and cheese and three red with soy "meat". We had some not-so-fresh green chile moldering in the fridge and the fixings for guacamole...boom dinner.

The verdict: These are the real deal. As good as La Popular or La Casita. Firm, full of flavor and deeply satisfying. Mitch, who works walking distance from La Muerte (knowing my affection for The King, he brought me the Elvis potholder as surprise) and Atomic Tamale, will undoubtedly receive regular requests for tamale deliveries.

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