Vegetarian/vegan cosmetics: It's getting girly over here!

Having come up in the '80s, it's highly likely that my insides are the color of Revlon's Cherries in the Snow. Not to mention possible the havoc wreaked by baby lotion. So I've been wondering about lip color that's more natural.

A week or so ago, LivingSocial had a deal on 100% Pure cosmetics. They tint their goo with berries and twigs and the like. And everything is so natural and organic, you could probably ice a cake with the body cream.

I had been wondering about 100% Pure for some time. But cheapness trumps many things here at Nake-id Knits. So when that deal popped up...Sold!

The booty arrived yesterday.

Still up in the air about the lip gloss. An initial swipe revealed a mucilaginous quality--more sticky than glossy. The lip glosses don't qualify as vegan because of the beeswax. The all-vegan, gluten-free "free" sample Green Apple body cream, however, glided on and soaked in immediately. And while the green apple was delicious, one wonders about the other delights: the Blood Orange Body Creme, the Honey Almond, or the *gasp* White Peach?

There's more to be assessed. The Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream fell into my shopping cart as did the Cherry Honey Facial Scrub.

Surrounded by three furry men, a girl's gotta have some fun.

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