WIPs: Not pretty

Seedling from Knitted Jackets as seedling in Noro Silk Garden Lite, color 2021 held double

Whenever I pull a pile of wool from my purse, a Safeway bag or out from underneath the bed, I am reminded that works in progress are not pretty. Hard to believe that the above tangle of yarn, stitch markers, needles and stitch holders will become a cute cardigan. (If it will indeed become a cute cardigan, as a work in progress that remains to be seen.) In the same way novels in progress are not fit for public consumption (or humans in progress for that matter), a WIP is all potential, hope and promise.

And, to be honest, that is about all the profundity I can manage this morning. Off to the other not-so-darling WIPs.

--Seedling from Knitted Jackets.

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February 4. 2009 13:35


Sometimes knitting is like sausage.  You don't want to see it being made, but love the end product.

DIana |

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