Warning: Shawl in progress

From Laura Chau's free knitting pattern for the "Simple Yet Effective Shawl" in Farmhouse Yarns Andy's Merino II in Aruba

A triangular shawl is like a disappointing novel. It starts out well and good, clipping along, but then before you know it, you're bogged down in descriptions of whale blubber or cattle ranching or train schedules and you're hiding the book under your bed hoping the dust bunnies will carry it away.

Straight knitting on two or three hundred stitches is very much the same, and I find myself yearning to tackle even long-standing UFOs.

May your weekend be filled with delicious, plot-heavy knitting.

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September 25. 2009 09:59


This is a case for a good book on tape or even a good movie on TV--or maybe several movies on TV!!

Susan |

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