Weapons in the battle against aging

You think I'm kidding.

Let it not be said that Ms. Nake-id is going gently into cronehood.

A lifelong skincare junkie, I've always held this conviction: Topicals-yes; knives and injectables-no. In other words, I draw the line at surgery and fillers, and overall take a minimalist approach: Washing my face at night followed by 302 topicals, organic argan oil for moisture, sunscreen during the day, eye cream and, these days, organic macadamia nut oil for the bod.

Lately, though, I've been intrigued with micro needling aka dermarolling. The technique involves rolling a small device equipped with surgical-grade needles over the face (the rollers look like small versions of those yard weasels sold on late-night TV); the idea being that puncturing the skin boosts collagen production and helps with product penetration.

I had always been put off by the size of the needles, 1.5 mm-2 mm-long in some cases. (To give you a sense of scale, 2 mm is the same diameter as a size 0 US knitting needle.) These longer rollers not only draw blood, they also (depending on your pain threshold) require topical anasthetics. Seriously. But users rave.

After promising a colleague I would attend her Rodan & Fields event (Rodan & Fields is like Mary Kay but with derms and none of the pink), I bought the company's flagship product, which comes all of a piece with a comparatively benign .2 mm roller, serum and sterilizing system. "Like the kisses of a thousand cats," my friend told me.

Well, no. More like the sting of a thousand bees. But no blood and no fainting, only some itching and the appearance of a nasty white head this morning.

Will keep you posted.

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