Wear wool in Wovember!

Completely enraptured by the idea of Wovember.

Whether or not you're down with the climate-change thing, you must agree that energy conservation is a good thing. So as the temperature drops, do as Brenda Dayne does, put on a sweater. (Thank you to the Cast-On hostess for mentioning Wovember in her most recent podcast.)

The brainchild of Kate Davies and Felicity Ford, Wovember encourages wool fans to celebrate and promote the fiber by wearing as much of the lovely stuff as possible in November. Like we need another excuse to buy yarn. Or sweaters.

Today, I'm wearing a wool-blend skirt--made in Canada--I picked up on our honeymoon. Yes, it still fits. Just barely. (Think epic zipper battle.)

There are many wooly tempations in the retailverse. Anthropologie has gone completely sweater-happy with many wool and wool-blend beauties on offer.

Or drag out an old handknit you haven't displayed in a while. And turn down the temp.

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