Wednesday Miscellany: A show about "nothing"

Remember the Seinfeld season where Jerry and George were trying to sell the television pilot about “nothing”? That’s where we are here at Nake-id Knits this morning, trying to sell a blog post about “nothing.”

Here goes:

1. Local goils: Ya’all be thinking about me at the Estes Park Wool Market this weekend. Think about me when you’re petting baby goats and stroking long hanks of Brooks Farm mohair. Ya’ll just try to have fun without me.

2. Lingerie Style: By now you’ve no doubt heard about Joan McGowan-Michaels’ book of undergarment knits. Smurfing about the internet this week, I stumbled upon a Lingerie Style KAL and this amazing example of the bed jacket. So beautifully done.

3. Berroco news: Who knew Nora Gaughan was designing for them?

4. Solids vs. variegated? Let the games begin…How many of you wear you solid-colored sweaters more than the multis? I barely wear those babies. You?

5. Wallet alert: Interweave’s fall book preview is up. Lots of tempting goodies here. Oy.

That’s all we’ve got time for today. Time to go make Stephanie’s birthday cake—tres leches! Happy birthday, darlin’!


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June 13. 2007 03:06


Sigh. I'll be working this weekend and can't make it to Estes this year. Frown

I guess that's ok, as I have one clean fleece and 3 dirty ones to still spin...

Baa at some sheep for me?

Christy |

June 13. 2007 05:27


BED JACKET? Who would spend that kind of time and effort on a bed jacket? And it's so gorgeous I'd HAVE to wear it out.

Susan |

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