Wednesday Miscellany--A very incomplete holiday tour of cool women-owned businesses

Last week, I had coffee with my friend Elizabeth and was struck by her story of self-publishing adventures. Since publishing her cookbook, Glorious One-Pot Meals, a year ago, she’s scrubbed, scoured and cooked her way across the country and in the process sold a lot of books. I was completely impressed. She helped to remind me of other female entrepreneurs whose businesses we can support with our holiday shopping. (She’s a knitter, too, by the way.)

1. Tour Nomad Press, home of publisher, writer, blogger, knitter Deb Robson, and purveyor of the classics Arctic Lace, Spinning in the Old Way and Knitting in the Old Way, among others.

2. Support your LYS. Chances are it’s a dynamic, woman-owned business.

3. Buy local. Here in Denver, Nake-id Knits loves Mona Lucero Clothing, She She, Zelda’s, Studio Bead, Red Door Swingin’ (2556 15th St.) and 5 Green Boxes; the owners are all very cool and they tend to carry lots of one-of-a-kind, handmade stuff.

4. Support yourself, literally. SOL, the Store of Lingerie, is one of the finest bra and lingerie stores in the country and we have it right here in the Mile High City (fortunately, they ship). Owned by two sisters, it deserves mention because it treats employees like family—generous vacation, benefits and bonuses—and because they donate bras and conduct bra fittings for women-in-need at The Gathering Place.


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December 13. 2006 01:36


Thanks for cheering on woman-owned businesses! Happy holidays! Back to work. . . .

Deborah Robson |

December 13. 2006 01:50


I have to say, though, I'm said that 5 Green Boxes isn't Skyloom Fibers....

Cathi |

December 13. 2006 08:52


Thanks for the list! I just visited a very cool place today that if you are in the neighborhood (Orchard and Univeristy) that would totally make your list (#3) called Patina. It reminds me of 5 Green Boxes but not nearly as large. I love that store too.

Michelle |

December 13. 2006 16:30


What a great post idea.  It is great how you are supporting local women.  I too hope to one day have my own business; then maybe you can post about me Smile

Love your blog.


MarlyKnits |

December 15. 2006 07:52


This is totally awesomecakes!  I live here in Denver, and being relatively new to the area (from Colorado Springs) and a relatively new knitter, just stumbled upon you. And now I have this whole list of cool new shops to check out, too. And I know some are near me (Highland Park/Sloans Lake).

Thank you!! And Happy Solstice or holiday of your choice!

Meg |

December 15. 2006 21:18



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