Wednesday Miscellany: Calling all fashionistas of a certain age

I’m doing a little fashion research. I’m looking for iconic knits from the last 30 years, sweaters that may have started out in the secular, fashion world that ended up as must knits in the knitting world.

Your thoughts?

For a little inspiration, I offer this recent purchase—a tiny, purple tweed mini embellished with Asian satin quilting. It comes from Sparrow, 1608 East 17th Ave., where designer Kirsten Coplans reimagines vintage and gently used clothing into clever, wearable pieces.


And Denver girls, be sure to check out the Fashion Denver Spring market, this Saturday at the Oriental Theatre, 4335 W. 44th Ave. Lots of great indie designers and, dudes, it’s in the ‘hood!


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April 5. 2007 22:17


Probably not what you are thinking of - but the only one that springs to mind for me is the Starsky and Hutch Jacket. It  was this jacket and the desire for one that encouraged me to learn to knit. Never did make one by the way - but remember collecting several patterns in the hope that one day I would.

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