Wednesday Miscellany: Eat. Sprout. Post.

1. I've taken to gagging down green smoothies in the morning in an attempt to, well, keep the old mortal coil from sproinging. Raw fruits and vegetables contain all kinds of enzymes and vitamins that apparently can be destroyed in the cooking process. It seems to make sense that the closer we eat to nature, the better.

Since you can only eat so many salads, smoothies are a great way to suck down a bunch of greenies. The challenge of this morning cocktail isn't the taste--they're slightly sweet with a pleasant grassy finish--it's morning lassitude. Who wants to chop, dice and ease into the day with the sound of a blender come morning?

I've simplified this recipe (ripe organic pears in Colorado this time of year, when donkeys fly!) and only include celery, romaine, water, an apple, banana, half a lemon and squirt of flavored flax seed oil. And typically make enough for two days.

Don't you wish you were me?

2. One of my regular gigs is writing the yarn review column for Yarn Market News, a trade magazine for the craft yarn industry. So every couple of months, yarn starts coming to me. Some days it's like Christmas on our front porch, with bags and boxes of the most incredible fiber just showing up. Yes, I am a lucky girl.

The yarn has its challenges, however. There are times of the year, when my office is overrun with odd balls from past issues, bags stacked up for the next, swatches I need to block, not to mention my own WIPs, all the stuff necessary to lead the glamorous life of a higher ed consultant and two cats. I have a very large desk.

3. Need another online, special-interest community? Sure, you do! By asking your style preferences, creates a customized shopping experience just for you. Why just today, the site found me a Chloe evening gown for $3,700 and a cute-as-can-be Nanette Lepore dress for about $300. Wasn't that considerate?

4. A number of years ago during my last "raw" phase, I purchased a sprouting jar (at Vitamin Cottage) and grew sprouts exactly once. It's since been gathering dust in a cabinet. Newly virtuous, I've resurrected the sprouting jar and begun cultivating lentil sprouts, which make for a delicious topping on soups, salads and stir fries. It's a little bit of trouble, like caring for a fussy plant. They need to be rinsed twice a day and kept in a dark place, but it's so much cheaper--and less moldy--than buying them. You can get sprouting seeds online and at health food stores.

She makes soap, sweaters and grows her own sprouts. That Mr. Nake-id, he's a lucky guy!

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