Wednesday Miscellany--Embrace your inner turkey

1. Knit turkey hat—Put your child in one of these, and guaranteed, he’ll get beaten to a bloody pulp on the playground. Best give it to your spouse.

2. Gary the Gobbler, a stitch-embossed, hand-knit wash cloth makes the perfect hostess gift. Wouldn’t you rather receive Gary than a $20 bottle of Cotes du Rhone?

3. Knit creme pie zero calories—The answer? It’s all acrylic. Traverses the lower GI lickety split. Better start stitchin’!

4. Every kitchen needs one of these—a crocheted pilgrim girl utensil holder!


5. Don’t leave Teddy out of the fun—dress him in girl pilgrim drag.

6. In local news—The Lamb’s semi-annual sale starts Friday at 10 a.m. Everything’s on sale.

7. Billed as Colorado’s largest fiber arts event, the Handweavers Guild of Boulder holds its annual show and sale, Nov. 30–Dec. 6 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds (Nelson and Hover Roads in Longmont). I know first-hand that Cheri will have alpaca knits on sale.

That’s about enough snarkiness for one morning, don’t you think?

Happy Thanksgiving. And remember, knitting burns calories.

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