Wednesday Miscellany: For girls Surely, you’ve seen this—the paperdoll web site for digital girls? All I can think about is: Where’s the Ravelry version? (And, how come there’s no cute bookish girl who wants to be an astronaut?)

You know you’re old when: Someone asks if the tiny device attached to your hip is a phone, and you answer: No. It’s my pedometer.

Fashion week: Surfing the runway shows, was very alarmed by the dearth of knits. Here are a few notable exceptions.

 Fashionweek1  Fashionweeknicolemiller  Fashionweekphilliplim

Stitch Diva Preview: Scroll down to see the Spring line. As always, creative and sexy stuff.

Look! A new knitting 'zine:




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February 20. 2008 02:58


Heh . . . usually I get asked if my pedometer is a pager.  I work in a medical center, and one of the residents saw my pedo one day and was all, "Hey, how did you get such a tiny pager?  Mine's huge!" in a whiny resident voice.  I just smiled enigmatically and stepped off the elevator in a cloud of mystery.

chris |

February 20. 2008 03:54


Hmmm...that yellow sweater is interesting...I wonder if...I were wearing it would I want to constantly pull it up?

Christie |

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