Wednesday Miscellany: Green fiber bits

In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve purchased exactly one skein of organic cotton and one organic yoga top (50 percent off from Patagonia). That’s it. Unless you count all the “recycled” vintage over here. Just so’s you know, it’s not like we’re walking our talk.

But it’s becoming clear that maybe we (meaning we-the-Nakeids) ought to be doing more walking. Even if it costs a few schekels.

So, with that in mind, here are some way-cool organic, quasi-organic, eco-minded temptations:

1. I went ape-shit over this. It’s a Mongolian cashmere hoodie from Stewart & Brown: organic pioneers. But is this a good thing? (Here’s what the web site says: “By keeping all aspects of our cashmere production exclusively in Mongolia we provide nomadic Mongolian herders with the resources necessary to sustain their centuries old heritage and ultimately their survival.”)

 Baarum hoody

2. Knit a plastic-bag tote. I know. I know. The crocheted versions are, um, kinda homely. But this? Makes you want to slice up all the old Safeway bags, don’t it? By the inimitable Erika Knight.

Recycled tote

3. For $50, we should all be showing up at the same event wearing this.

Organic dress

4. These rock. (Magazine racks constructed of carpet underlayment and bungee cord.)


5. Hemp bags instead of Wal-mart bags.


6. A compendium of organic retailers. EcoMall!

7. We’re huge, huge fans of Susan Todd’s recycled, felt-sweater bags. Don’t you adore her?


8. Organic, eco-sweaters. Not cheap, but…

9. Check out blogger Worsted Witch, she has a lot to say about sustainable stuff. She knits and does her due diligence.





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