Wednesday Miscellany: Green knits to gift

While I could rightfully be accused of promoting rampant consumerism on this blog, I do try to temper the superficiality from time to time. Below, this year’s green-ish gift list:

1. Sweater wreath. There’s something inherently subversive about cutting up knits, which is why I love anything built from old sweater bits.

Sweater wreath

2. Recycled sweater bag. Which brings us to Susan Todd. I saw her work for the first time at The Yarn Co. in NYC and kvelled all over the place. Todd’s given ugly sweaters a beautiful second life. And she’s currently offering 15 percent off for web orders.


3. Recycled scarf. SunMoonLake, who does those gorgeous recycled cashmere quilts, has a few pieces for sale on Etsy that are much more affordable. She’s got an amazing eye, no?

Recycled scarf

4. Water bottle cozy. Yet another way to reuse sliced-up sweaters.

Recycled water bottle cozy

5. What with wide-legged yoga pants all the rage and winter upon us, I fantasize continually about wearing leggings underneath my yoga togs. How ‘bout these in organic cotton?


6. Take the Handmade Pledge. I haven’t, though the bulk of my gifts will be handmade, but think it’s a splendid idea.

7. A gift certificate to Naturesong Yarn, Organic Imaginings, Granola Yarn, NearSea Naturals, or an LYS that carries organic and local yarns.

8. A Betz White Cup O Joe Pincushion made entirely from recycled sweaters.


9. When in doubt, buy vintage.

Holiday sweater


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December 5. 2007 08:06


Festive sweater wreath place has the most yummmmmy duster with a frill down the front. It's gorgeous -  S

Susan |

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