Wednesday Miscellany: Knitting Library Stash Enhancements

Assuming many of us live in the land of plenty when it comes to yarn and knitting books, what does it take to separate us from our money?

In my case: Really good books.

I recently fell thrall to the following: 


Let's examine why.

Both volumes are burdoned by lovely art direction. They are beautiful objects, in and of themselves. Open each book and you are instantly transported to another place. Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans takes us into a serene world of pretty, minimalist interiors and a peacefull outdoors. We can instantly imagine an afternoon's nap under a handmade coverlet or a morning's reading on the deck swaddled in a cabled blanket.

The Bike Basket-Purse in Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Projects put me of a mind to don a cute outfit and ride my cruiser around the neighborhood, assuming I owned such a thing and could accomplish the latter without sweating like a wild boar. But that's the beauty of it. A good knitting book makes us dream of perfect FOs, cozy projects and hours of sweet idylls.

OK, so what makes you library up?


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