Wednesday Miscellany--Knitting films

Given that film festival season is upon us—or past us depending on our locales—I thought it would be nice to share the few knitting films we could muster. Feel free to augment the list.

1. The Last KnitThis short animated film is available for viewing on web site, YouTube. By Finnish filmmaker, Laura Neuvonen, the piece is a cautionary tale about the power of obsession. To my mind, it was a cautionary tale about the consequences of a poor stash. Watch it. It’s a delight. (Link courtesy of friend Stephanie.)

2. Gangsta KnitterIf you’ve never seen the hip-hop parody, Gangsta Knitter, give it a look. It will leave you giggling all day.

3. Knitting A Love SongThis British short received great notices when it was released on 2003–04, including a nomination for Best Short in the Orange British Academy Film Awards. Unfortunately, I can’t find a link where we might view it.

4. The Knitting MachineIs a five-minute documentary about Dave Cole’s monster-knit project involving John Deere backhoes and a lot of red, white and blue felt.


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