Wednesday Miscellany: Links

It turns out the great Babs isn’t wrong. Lissa graciously charted out the Cherry Tree pattern and it turns out the issue is one of knitting grammar (and the fact that I’m a little foggy on the meaning behind “multiple of 18 sts plus 1”). The answer for those of you who have been unable to sleep since reading yesterday’s post is this:

Row 5 - K3, (*p6, k1, p6*, k5); rep brackets to last repeat, continue to *, K3.

Row 6 - P3, (*FC, k3, p1, k3, BC*, p5); rep brackets to last repeat, continue to *, P3.

Row 7 - Row 7 - K5, (*p4, k1, p4*, k9);

rep brackets to last repeat, continue to *, K5.

Feel better? I certainly do. And so does my swatch.

Shall we proceed with the order of the day?

A number of cool resources and temptations have come to our attention this week. For instance:

1. Here’s the best excuse I’ve ever seen for buying the entire Ring Cycle of Walker treasuries: The Barbara Walker Treasury Project. The idea is to collect color, high-quality photos of each and every one of the stitch patterns as an Internet addendum to the black-and-white photos contained in the encylopediae themselves. Makes the stitches vibrate with life. (Coutesy of Margene.)

2. Ya’ll may know about this one: Vintage Knits. Historic patterns, knitting-themed notecards, discontinued yarn information—in other words a real time sucker. Definitely worth a leisurely tour. (Courtesy of Sahara.)

3. If you need something fun and “ironical” to pair with your handknits, check out this indie designer. I’m partial to the Bukarest Skirt (sp), but Toadstool has its appeal too, don’t you think?


Bukarest Skirt

4. Fans of Beqi Clothing will be delighted to see her spring line is up. Lots of great Asian-print skirts. For nature girls, be sure not to miss the Adirondak moose-in-the-forest number. Very tempting.

5. This just in: Cool felted bag site! (Courtesy of Mom.)





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March 14. 2007 00:32


So your taste in happy music may be...not like mine, but you are my go-to person for awesome clothes.

Michelle |

March 14. 2007 22:56


Thanks for posting that you've had assistance with the pattern.  I honestly had no clue after looking at it and . . still not sure where the mistake was . . but I'll take your word for it!!  ;)

And thanks too for the felted bags page!  I love, love felted bags.  I immediately purchased the Trellis bag pattern -- the pink/lavender one just captured my heart.

Leslie |

June 29. 2007 11:53



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