Wednesday Miscellany: Living la vida verde

In keeping with this week’s theme, here’s a list of some organic yarn manufacturers and suppliers. I’m not sure what makes them organic exactly, but suspect it has something to do with antibiotic-hormone-free sheep dining on organic green pastures. (Is that what sheep eat? Pastures?) 

All I know is that if you were to put me on a grocery shelf, I’d be wearing the “conventional” label. Antibiotic and hormone free? Hah!

Tierra Wools—New Mexico born and bred.

Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton—I’m assuming it’s from South America?

EcoKnit—Organic cotton from Peru.

Vickie Howell— Click on the Vickie Howell collection for yarns like Craft—65 percent organic cotton/35 percent milk fiber.

Treliske Organic Woollens—From New Zealand.

Vermont Organic or Main Organic—Born in the USA at Green Mountain Spinnery.

O-Wool—Comes in a useful Aran weight in 13 colors.

Hope Spinnery—Yarn spun using wind power.

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January 31. 2007 06:02


I thought all of the SWTC yarns were eco friendly- I heard that the soy silk is from leftovers from the tofu making process.

And- I am such a huge, huge liar- there is a shop that sells Lopi (and lite Lopi), but they don't have a gigantor selection- Knitty Cat.

Cathi |

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