Wednesday Miscellany--Luddite City

We don’t have Netflix, which to hear my friends talk is like saying, we don’t have indoor plumbing. We don’t have Tivo, expanded cable or satellite TV. And we don’t live in a sod hut, either.

It’s not like we’re anti-TV, quite the contrary. We love TV. In fact, I think Mitch would fall weeping to the floor if he couldn’t see Ann Heche Thursday nights. It’s that here in this self-employed household, we spend so much on telecommunications—two phone lines, high-speed Internet, two cell phones, not to mention health insurance—to incur extra monthly expenses seems like a commitment.

So instead of Netflix, I request films from the library online. Granted I’m like 500th in the queue to get An Inconvenient Truth, but I should have Transamerica by the weekend. And it’s free, if you don’t count city taxes.

The lesson here, if there is one to be had, is one of patience and serendipity. I have no idea what books or films will show up at the library or when. And, it’s not that important, since we’re likely to fall asleep watching or reading anyway.

So, while we’re off warming our bones in Scottsdale (for those of you unmarried gals, choose inlaws in a balmy place), your assignment is to read or watch something not published or released in 2006–7. I just finished 900–pages in eight-point type of Herman Wouk’s 1962 novel, Youngblood Hawke. Women wore gloves. Everyone drank afternoon martinis. And cigarette smoke filled the restaurants and publishing houses of New York.

Can’t wait to see the movie.








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January 24. 2007 05:45


Right there with you on Tivo; although we do have cable (analog not digital-basic pkg no extras..only on one tv.  Then again we have only one tv!  How can anyone afford more with the cost of health insurance?

I just watched Crime of the Heart with Diane Keaton, Sissy Spacek and Jessica Lange, era 1986.

Reading is another thing...spoiled there..back to the gift cards...nothing I like better than receiving Barnes & Noble gift cards.  The family also likes trading books alot, and we all seem to purchase different authors.  Last book finished:  18 seconds.

I can wait for a movie, not a book.

Pam |

June 29. 2007 12:10


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