Wednesday Miscellany: Mixing knitting and politics

If you're looking for places to engage politics with your pointy sticks, consider:

1. Ravelry. Of course. Go to groups, type in politics and watch it unfold. (Although why the "Knitted Walking Stick Cozy Competition" surfaced I have no idea.)

You'll notice more liberal than conservative discussions. This seemed true of blogging knitters four years ago. Do Republicans not grok Web 2.0?

Here's an article that ran about Ravelry's PACs (Politically Ardent Crafters) that ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

2. The wonderful blog, Threading Water, by Anne, the mother of The Mother's Day Project. Trenchant commentary, good photography, big heart.

3. Lisa Anne Auerbach's The Little Red Blog of Revolutionary Knitting; she's an artist who knits politics into banners and onto the backs, butts and sleeves of her garments.

4. The Red Sweaters Deployment Project, an ongoing art installation conceived to foster a different kind of awareness about the war in Iraq. The artist is working to accumulate as many mini sweaters as there are fallen soldiers. Sadly, she needs a lot more sweaters.

5., a community blog with great links to other liberal knitters and progressive resources. And, they've got swag.

6. An Obama logo color chart from Emilee Knits. And a not-particularly-flattering Hillary doll pattern from KnittingLiberally. (You'll be happy to know, she is wearing a pantsuit.)

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