Wednesday Miscellany--My Desk

The December issue of Vanity Fair magazine featured a beautiful photo of Oprah’s desk. Fresh flowers, a Mont Blanc pen and a precious porcelain tea cup share space with Barack Obama’s new book, architectural renderings of the girls’ school she’s building and the other charming bibelots associated with what it means to be Oprah. I thought it might be fun to share our non-art directed desks. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours…!

My desk

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My desk


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February 7. 2007 01:51


My pda looks exactly like yours.  However, I have no desk, it was taken over by my daughter years ago.  So now my important papers are in stacks at various locals through the casa.

Pam |

February 7. 2007 03:34


I'm almost ashamed to post mine, but you can find my images here (">

Samantha |

February 7. 2007 10:13


Nice desk.  I wish I had a desk.  I guess I'll have to take a picture of my table when I get home.  If I can find my camera...  ;)

Christie |

February 9. 2007 00:12


I miss my at home desk.  Since the move it's the new media holder--tv, dvd, stereo--until we finish the built ins.

It's a victorian antique desk and I love it.  Usually it hold my laptop, yarnie stuff, and lots of paper and books.

My work desk is a disaster:
P3 computer that works as something slightly more than a paperweight.
Photos of kids
Two five inch binders full of data I need to input into paperweight
Drawer of food and tea
Pile of stuff that I should put away
Nothing all that interesting.  So no photos.

Stephannie |

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