Wednesday Miscellany: Nake-id Do's and Don'ts

Opinions are a way of life over here, maybe too much so. But it's hard to peruse the onslaught of fall fashion reporting without a jaundiced eye. Herewith a few observations: (Do disagree or add your own.)

1. Fashion magazines: Yes--to imagining complete outfits. No--to showcasing only the most unaffordable goods.

2. Camo: Don't. At least I don't. This is less an esthetic objection than a political one. As long as we have military women and men fighting abroad, it seems frivolous to parade through Whole Foods wearing gear people give their lives in.

3. Fur. Faux, yes. Real, no. As soft and beautiful as it is, there is no need.

4. Don't wear pedi socks with your pumps. Just don't. Not even if your feet sweat like wild boars.

5. Do wear your handknits. Proudly.

6. Microminis and bare legs. Don't. Even if you're young and lean. Pair a short skirt with tights and a discreet sweater. Otherwise it looks like you're trying to hard.

7. Do dress up. For meetings, interviews, special events, even lunch. You'll stand up straighter, ooze confidence and have more fun.

8. Do wear animal prints. In any season. Sparingly.

9. Black is the new black. There is no substitute.

10. Donate to charity. When you no longer love or fit into your treasures. Pass them to others.


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