Wednesday Miscellany: Odd lot

Been thinking about:

1. Latvian mittens. A lot. (Who knew there was this fabulous blog with resources, angst and everything—Knit Like a Latvian? You probably did. I’m slow on the uptake.)

2. Orange-basil soap. Homemade.

3. Organic yarn and sheets. BBB has a queen set for $69.99. Imported though.

4. New week-night recipes. Am in a total cooking rut.

5. Wild Fibers Magazine. Don’t you love it?

6. Knit skirts.

7. Western interior design. God, we need help.

8. Yoga. Thinking about it. Not doing it.

9. Naps. Always.

10. Query letters. Again, thinking about ‘em. Not doing ‘em.

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March 7. 2007 09:11


I'm with ya on numbers 8 and 9.  orange-basil?  intriguing combo...and what the heck is a query letter?

John |

March 7. 2007 12:34


Organic sheets can be found at Wal-Mart (I know, I know . . it's Wal-Mart *groan*) and I don't think they're imported.

If you're selling the Orange Basil . . I'm buying!


Leslie |

June 29. 2007 11:43


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