Wednesday Miscellany: Punting in the New Year

Blogging teaches many skills, among them: Work avoidance, spouse neglect and the ability to punt when there’s absolutely nothing to say. Considering everything, what you are about to read ain’t that bad.

The Wednesday Miscellany New Year, New Projects Edition

1. The new Vogue Knitting is out, featuring an absolutely smashing shrug on the cover by Norah Gaughan (man, that woman can cable). Be sure, too, to check out the extremely well-crafted article by yours truly (ahem) on the up-and-coming teen designer, Phoenix Bess.

2. Better late than never: The not-so-new Knit Simple contains some cool knits, among them a modern take on a cabled hat/scarf set and some eminently totable bags. (Love the stripey one, folks, but where’d she get her boots?)

3. The collar featured on the January 2007 edition of MagKnits is an over-the-top salad of knit leaves, yarn leavings and fancy stitching. Make a fun addition to Mardi Gras, nes pas?

4. The always-clever Knitscene hides some gems under its cover—a practical mesh shopping bag by Chrissy Gardiner and the must-knit apron (aprons, my foodie friends tell me, are back in a big way) by Jennifer L. Appleby. And tell me, why isn’t anyone in Blogville knitting Kate Gilbert’s Strawberry Clutch? I just want to eat it up.

5. I’m dying to knit the cover stole from Victorian Lace Today, as if I didn’t have enough tsouris. And the skirt from Melissa Leapman’s Cables Untangled: An Exploration of Cable Knitting. And Norah Gaughan’s asymmetrical cardie from VK Fall ‘06.

Oh, and I haven’t bought any yarn in ‘07, yet. How ‘bout you?

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January 3. 2007 01:47


I haven't purchased any yarn in 2007 yet...will hold off until Saturday the 6th!

Pam |

January 3. 2007 01:56


Purchased yarn on New Year's Day. Can't help myself. . . and that collar is so ME. I love it .

Susan |

January 3. 2007 05:20


Happy new year 2007!

Becky |

January 3. 2007 09:25


no yarn yet this year?!  I mean its 3 days in already...what's keeping you?  Still snowed in?  Smile

John |

January 3. 2007 11:27


nice article in VK, you nake-id writer, you.  I thought the articles overall were more interesting than the patterns this time around, but that's just me.  I love all that stuff on Scandinavian knitting.

No new yarn in 2007 - yet.  Even avoided the New Year's Day sale at the lys.  But my resolve will be tested later this month at the Madrona Fiber Arts gathering in Tacoma.

threadingwater |

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