Wednesday Miscellany: Roadkill on the Infobahn

Here are a few things spotted in our travels on the Internet this week:

1. In the category—”Maybe-global-warming-isn’t-such-a-bad-thing”—the Penguin Pocket Cardigan from Anthropologie. We like our cardies, sans penguinos, por favor!


2. In the category—”We got legs!”—crocheted tights. Nothing adds interest to a long black skirt and pumps than a whisp of lace at the ankle.


3. In the category—”What a howdown!”—Ravelry. Happily got my invitation before my AARP card. My, my it’s quite the party over there. While I’m not the type to catalogue the stash (I counted my shoes, that was bad enough), I can see the information-sharing potential. Quite an accomplishment for the Ravelry team. And a testament to our rich community. I’m nakeidknits. And you?



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October 17. 2007 01:24


yay for Ravelry!  I just friended you over there, BTW.

chris |

October 17. 2007 02:31


Your sense of humor is killer! I'm wandawoman on Ravelry. I'll look for you.

Wanda |

October 19. 2007 21:08


I just sprayed my screen with coffee...

Those tiny penguin pockets are so over the top they are In ORBIT!

Oh, I fogot.

Penguins can't fly...

I just friended you too Smile

FAB avatar...

Bonne Marie |

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