Wednesday Miscellany--The Commercial Sweater Edition

With catalogs swamping the mail slot this time of year, it seems appropriate to note some of the more attractive knits on the market. (This list isn’t meant to endorse the following purveyors, but to serve as inspiration for us handworkers.) Below please find a smattering of Nake-id faves: (I might post more as the day progresses, and please weigh in with your ideas, too.)

1. Loved the revisioned “fair isle” from Garnet Hill—very clever, employing beads for the colorwork. The retailer has many other creative knits, including felted kids slippers tarted up to look like animals.

Beaded fair isle

2. For the price, you can’t beat the traditional Scandinavian-inspired,  Kingfield button-front cardi from LL Bean. Comes in cotton and wool. And red!


3. Weirdly, I’ve been itching to knit a man’s garment. I pressed Mitch’s face against this catalog, exclaiming, “My this is a fine sweater!” Very little reaction from the aforementioned man, but I’m digging it. The corrugated ribbing makes it very today, don’t you think?

Fencepost sweater

4. Those savvy marketeers at Peruvian Connection, are now sending me email. There’s no escape. This is the catalog I have to will into the recycling bin. Currently have a crush on this and this and this:

Pompombag       Bissau skirt      Edwardian jacket

5. You can’t beat Eileen Fisher for knits that mix modernity and wearability. Who wouldn’t look good in the following?

Enveloped cardigan

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November 29. 2006 05:52


Very cute stuff!  The LL Bean sweater is totally worth the price.  I don't think I'd have the patience to make something like that.  I'm also liking that skirt.  That pom-pom bag reminds me of a bag I want to crochet.  UGh...too much stuff to do!

Christie |

November 29. 2006 23:46


Hi Leslie! Nice to look these things!
I like the skirts in #4 very much. I absolutely love #5.
I don´t like the scandinavian though... is like too much in it (in my humble opinion ;)

Vik |

November 30. 2006 06:09


Peruvian Collection is evil and must be stopped.  I looked at the picture of the skirt for an hour and a half and kept telling myself that knitted skirts are bad, baaaaaad.  To which myself replied, but *this one* is sooo good.   Also, there are some pics of good man sweaters in there, too.  Even my picky husband liked them.  I think this catalog is turning into my new anthropologie.

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