Wednesday Miscellany--The Farm and Ranch Edition

Um, we bought a ranch. And before y’all start with, “whoa, who does that bitch think she is,” allow me to provide some perspective. I spent the entire weekend up to my double points in cobwebs, dead flies and mouse turds. We’re not talking South Fork, here.

Wanna see? That thing with the red roof. That would be our barn.


Welcome to El Ranch de Chihuahua

In honor of El Rancho, I thought I would devote this edition of Wednesday Miscellany to knitting cowgirl must haves.

1. Camelids. The other day when I had coffee with the lovely Anne, in state for a family wedding, she observed, “I see llamas in your future.” While we are not looking to adopt the llama lifestyle with its trailers and harnesses and all, we are toying with the idea of renting/loaning pasture to llama or ‘paca-packing mamas. Wouldn’t that be a dream?

2. A retro cowgirl-themed knitting bag. From Spunky Eclectic. 

3. Western-wear knitting patterns: See Berroco’s Western-wear layette and Urban Cowgirl. And crocheted baby cowboy booties.

4. A chihuahua weathervane.

5. Anything from Double D Ranchwear.

6. A Western embroidery kit from Sublime Stitching.

7. A Rockmount embroidered shirt.

8. Vintage cowboy furnishings. Check out the carved sofa. And scroll down for a shot of the obligatory boot lamp.

I already have the pink cowboy boots.


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September 20. 2006 01:04


Oh, that photo is breaking my heart and crying out for llama-mamas.  Congrats on sealing the deal and becoming a genuine cowgirl.  

I'm sending a few bucks to <a href="">Kinky">">Kinky Friedman</a> in honor of this momentous event.

threadingwater |

September 20. 2006 02:49


Wow! Congratulations! that is some helluva view.  So where is the new ranch abode? general vicinity, I mean. Much happiness to you and your family on your new land...

caroline |

September 20. 2006 12:52


I have pink cowboy boots too!!!! and a matching pink couwboy need a couwboy hat!

Ashley |

September 20. 2006 12:55


Okay, I know where you can get llamas. When you're ready, ask. I have connections.

Deborah Robson |

September 21. 2006 06:46


the ranch looks fabulous!  but, waiting breathlessly for a picture of the ranch with the llamas and pink cowboy boots in the foreground.

John |

September 22. 2006 08:01


[...] Um, we bought a ranch. [...] |

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