Wednesday Miscellany: The Miscellaneous Edition

1. There has been knitting. In fact, we may just be one more pattern repeat away from a curtain. A lace curtain.

2. If you have a need ask. The Divine Ms. Pink came through on my plea for a black-and-gray leopard print cardigan. Gap Outlet, my friends, and for five bucks they'll ship right to your door.

3. In the raw. I made the raw lentil soup with the sprouted lentils. A nasty business--vegtable regurgitate. And the gastro-intestinal consequences? To put it delicately, I blew up like a dirigible. Had better luck with the raw cinnamon rolls.

4. I want Tim Gunn to be my friend.

5. I think the new season of Project Runway should include a knitting challenge.





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September 20. 2007 07:09


I love his new show!  I caught 2 episodes of it last weekend!  And I totally love Veronica's 'do, but think that cut would look so cute on somone with more me!

Christie |

September 25. 2007 03:53


Love the Guide to Style show!

5elementknitr |

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