Wednesday Miscellany: The Pernicious Sleeve Edition

Last night I curled up on the sofa for an exciting evening of seam ripping--in mohair. I had finished my La Fiesta Bolero, but one raglan sleeve looked wonky, so being something of a quality monger, I decided on a redo. So I start picking and digging and following loose ends that instead of releasing the seam unraveled finished work. (Note to self: No weaving in of ends until thoroughly satisfied with garment.) This made me want to draw blood, which the cats seemed to sense. They gave mama a wide berth.

After an hour or two of the above frustration, I freed the sleeve and examined the carcass in my lap. (Ladies, please prepare yourself a strong beverage before continuing, as this next bit is truly horrifying.) Gentle reader, I had ripped out the wrong sleeve.

Stay tuned as our not-so-titian-haired heroine rips out yet another mohair sleeve. And then admits herself to detox.


Since I'm mad at my knitting, we'll talk spinning today...

1. Spinning in the Old Way, the rewritten and newly illustrated version of Priscilla Gibson-Roberts' High Whorling, is out, yes, we're embarrassed to admit, since May. It's a must-have for spindlers, new and old, especially those of us who prefer being on top (though the text translates for bottoms, too.) 

2. Speaking of spindles: Greensleeves Spindles has a line called Queens Sceptre named after the six wives of Henry VIII. The Anne Boleyn is crafted from Redwood Burl and Bloodwood. Of course.

3. New blog in the 'hood: Deb Robson, the genius behind Nomad Press, the Colorado-based publisher of Knitting in the Old Way and Donna Druchunas' upcoming tome, Arctic Lace: Knitted projects and stories inspired by Alaska’s native knitters, has started her own blog, Independent Stitch. Go say “hi“ whorling ;-)

4. A new spin: Pluckyfluff, the godmother of the extreme spinning set, is now selling a limited amount of whackadoo spinning supplies, including sparkle, jelly cord and solar-activated thread.

5. Hip to Spin: Knitgrrl Shannon Okey's take on knitterly spinning--Spin to Knit--is out this fall and includes profiles of cool urban spinners and interesting ways to incorporate hand-spun yarn into more traditional goods.

6. Bead cool. And, if you want to incorporate beads into your spinning or knitting, Desert Gems, one of our larger local bead shops has a massive sale on gemstone beads, seed beads, findings and Czech crystal running through Sept. 18.

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