Wednesday Miscellany: The low down on low sew

Ladies, that would be a Wonder Bread Wrapper apron on the cover of Jodi Kahn's latest. Say it really fast. Wonderbreadwrapperapron. For some real fun you could make one. Or get your three-year-old niece to say it. Wonderbreadwrapperapron.

Frankly, I am in awe. Scrolling through the projects in her book, you'll find low-impact craft ideas that will have you smacking your forehead, wondering why you ever pick up knitting needles. In the time it would take you to cast-on, you can have a cute-as-a-kitten, personalized baby onesie with snap-on flowers you can change out on a whim.

Or the Handy Hand towels? I was going to knit a dishcloth as a hostess gift for a dinner we're attending this month, but now...Anyway, you look at Jodi's stuff while I source some nice linen.                             



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