Wednesday Miscellany: Things to do in Taos while attending the Wool Festival

While y’all prepare for Rhinebeck, us heartlanders get to enjoy the best of the Southwest this weekend in Taos. Anybody else going?

Here are some things to do in Taos when you’re not shopping for fiber in Kit Carson Park:

1. Visit famous LYSes: Lalana Wools is a must-see. Brimming with hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn and proprietary patterns, Lalana will make you drool. And force a second mortgage on your house. (We also love Weaving Southwest and hear Taos Sunflower is nice, too.)

2. Drinks at the Anaconda Bar at El Monte Sagrado. When one’s budget is allocated to yarn, lodging at a luxury eco-resort isn’t practical. But you can pretend for an hour with drinks at their lavish bar.

3. Meet up with friendly New Mexican blogger.

4. Chile rellanos at Roberto’s. As I recall, you can get them eggy or crispy. Mi gusto!

5. Tour the Millicent Rogers Museum. With an amazing and idiosyncratic sense of style, Millicent Rogers collected the best pottery, textiles and art in the Southwest. Go for the baskets, stay for the jewelry. (I’m also mad for Taos Society Art; see premier examples at the Taos Art Museum.)

Things to do in Taos when Mom is paying:

1. Dinner at Joseph’s Table. Hi, Mom!


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October 4. 2006 00:08


Leslie, enjoy this wonderful time in Taos! I wish I could be there too!!!

Vik |

October 4. 2006 07:12


I am green with envy.  Weaving Southwest is as close as I get to believing in the existence of God.  Who, or what other could have devised such heavenly fibers?  OMG, my palms are getting sweaty just imagining that wall of yarn.

Please, please, please invite me along next year.  I am pathetically begging to be included.  And, October is just the perfect time of year:  Tax time was six months ago and the ouch has faded from memory.  End of year reckoning still seems far off.  It all seems so, so affordable.  Nay, methinks a bargain.

(Still a bit of Shakespeare on the brain from attending a performance of Lear last night)

threadingwater |

October 5. 2006 10:06


When we lived in New Mexico, Taos was my favorite place...still one of the best places around for lots of reasons.  Enjoy and be safe!  Tell us all about it!

John |

December 16. 2006 11:04



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