Wednesday Miscellany: Vintage knits

Not that I have any to show. That would require actually, um, finishing something.

But the last few weeks, I’ve been trolling for vintage patterns and thought I would share the fruit of my labors. Here are some sites where you are likely to score some retro cuties:

Soft Memories—Claims to have the largest collection of vintage and antique crochet patterns on the Web.

Vintage Knitting Patterns—Digital downloads of great old knits from Vogue Knitting, Minerva, Stitchcraft and more.

Vintage Knits—Sells original books and patterns.

Yesterknits—Claims to have the largest collection of vintage knitting patterns on the Web. You could knit this, for example:


Don’t you wonder where she got her foundation garments?—Free vintage knitting patterns.

Knitting Patterns to Enjoy—Vintage and antique crochet and knitting patterns.

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May 9. 2007 07:58


As they would say, back then, "that looks smart."

You know, I picked out five patterns from Yesterknits, then forgot to send them a check, until now. Yikes!

sahara |

May 9. 2007 10:47


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Vik |

June 29. 2007 11:15



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