Wednesday Miscellany: What I learned on my autumnal vacation

The best things about a “themed” road trip, whether you’re touring Civil War sites, chasing poltergeists or hunting bear, are the new bits of information and experiences that remain in the aftermath. So, in the finest tradition of Wednesday Miscellany, I give you some new stuff:

1. Handsome, handmade crochet hooks. Kay, who hails from Iowa, has become acquainted with an Iowa craftsman who makes beautiful, wood kaleidoscopes. He also whips up stunning, exotic wood crochet hooks and gorgeous buttons. We need to make friends with Leonard of the Kaleidoscope Factory.

2. Faroe Islands yarn. If you’re looking for yarn no one else carries, search no further than Walsenburg, Colorado. Walsenburg is a small Colorado town—the Huerfano county seat—and is notable for a lot of sturdy turn-of-the-century brick architecture and for being a good stopping point between Colorado and New Mexico. Remarkably, there’s a yarn shop. A nice yarn shop.

Edla, of Edla’s Yarns, is from the Faroe Islands and she carries Viking Yarn by Steinbjørn B. Jacobsen. Smelling of lanolin and a bit rough to the touch, this natural, interesting yarn would make the warmest, most authentic Faroese shawl.

3. A great brew pub in Pueblo. I actually had the temerity to ask if they put beer in their desserts. “Why, yes,” our waiter answered. “We have a portar ice-cream float”! Given that it was the middle of the day, we didn’t sample any of the adult beverages, but the honey-beer-mustard salad dressing was TO DIE FOR.

4. Another wonderful fiber op in Taos. Yesterday, I forgot to mention Weaving Southwest, which has some of the most gloriously dyed knitting yarns in the country. My bad.

5. Fun, felted boot pattern. At Green Valley Weavers and Knitters in Colorado Springs, we fell in love with Fiber Trends’ Alpine Boots—gone wild.

6. Great bath and body products. Being a soapmaker, I appreciate the simple luxury of a well-made, hand-crafted bar of soap. Whenever I’m in Taos, I try to snag a few bars of DesertBlends. All the scents are inspired by the desert, so there’s lots of sage, lavender, minty-type smells. In house, you can buy three bars for $10; they’re a bit more online.

I also really, really liked the Two Old Goats Essential Lotion I sampled at Edla’s. With a goat-milk base, it absorbs quickly and leaves your hands tingling with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils. Perfect for knitters. And made in little o’ La Veta, Colo.


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October 14. 2007 23:09


We were discussing exactly that Faroese yarn at the Scandinavian knitting conference in Seattle just over a week ago.

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