Wednesday Miscellany: Yarn recs?

Looking for some yarn recos, friends o' mine:

1. What would you use to make knit pants? Fancy ones. You're dying to, right?

2. Something dainty and washable for a crocheted lace edging.

3. Favorite handpaint.

4. And, for something completely off-topic: A culinary guide to the last 100 days of the Bush presidency by a clever colleagues. Gitmo Gazpacho, anyone? Talibuns? Get your copy of Nutrition Accomplished today!

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May 21. 2008 12:32


1.  A Bamboo Silk blend?  Nice and slinky.  A DK weight cashmere?  Is cost an object?  
2.  On the pants?  Washable as in machine?  
3.  Anything Claudia's
4.  Does it have Afghan Apple Cobbler or Crawford Crow Pie?

Diana |

May 23. 2008 01:17


Hmmmm . . . I don't think I would knit pants (or wear knit pants), but if I were to make fancy-schmancy knit pants, something like a linen blend would at least be durable -- with something like silk or Koigu, I would think you'd get a lot of wear and/or felting in the seat.

chris |

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