Weird blogging weather

Is it the heat? Vacations? Or the desultry nature of the season? But do you find summer to be a tough go, bloggingwise?

Blog stats are in the toliet. Most comments hail from someone named, offering “massagio” and “porno slike.” And all I got are WIPs.

We just spent a week at the Rancho, watching thunderstorms and sunsets somersault across the skies. You’d think the inspiring backdrop would spark all manner of naval gazing and blog fodder. Nope. Just slack-jawed wonder. And a few more rows on the afghan.

So in lieu of something really exciting, here’s the latest WIP:

Who knew editing a novel would be so…analog?


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July 8. 2007 23:56


That's awesome, I'm glad somethings are still analog!

jenifleur |

July 9. 2007 02:24


I don't know...I feel like I'm trucking along on my projects!  I think it's because I have a vacation deadline.  Once these are done, I'll probably succumb to the heat.  Until then...full speed ahead!

That being said, when do we get the big reveal?

Christie |

July 9. 2007 04:40


I'm not very good at the p*rn thing so I'll just leave this comment.  =)  Is that your novel that you are editing?!  Tell me it is so!

Lauren |

July 9. 2007 12:33


It's the heat. Good thing you're working analog. I'm replacing a computer fan tomorrow . . . and moving 1044 pounds of books (I moved 2000 or so pounds today). It's the heat. The good news is that I do know I'm repeating myself.

Deborah Robson |

August 15. 2007 05:01


asnie |

August 15. 2007 05:02


asnie |

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