Well hung: Christmas Stockings


When Mitch and I got married, we received two, handknit Christmas stockings as wedding gifts, identical except for the name stitched at the top. We found this touching--and amusing; touching that Mary thought to spend her time on us this way and amusing in that my new Jewish husband didn't know from stockings.

That first year, I hung them on the mantle, securing them with masking tape. From time to time they'd fall and I'd have to tape them up again, or the cats would catch a toe and pull one down. (A metaphor for the early years of marriage, if you ask me.) Mitch has since jerry-rigged them with a system of fishing line and paper clips that keeps them in place brilliantly.

Mary died two days after her 71st birthday in 2001. Over the years she had knit countless stockings--all exactly the same. Each of her five children, their spouses, their children grandchildren, innumerable friends of the family all had red and green stockings with a bell on the toe, a fat snowman, a wreath and a Christmas tree embellished with sequins she sewed on one by one. She kept a scrapbook of all the mantles she adorned.

This is ours.

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December 22. 2009 10:31


Very sweet. maybe we could crochet a menorah to site in between?

Susan |

December 22. 2009 11:42


Those are absolutely beautiful!  

christie |

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