We're back!

Nake-id IT comes through again! Poor man is always hauling my butt out of the weeds.

I was of a mind that the blog needed a good housecleaning, which is where The Troubles began. Part scrapbook, part knitting journal, and part locus of diatribes, the blog was looking like a messy facsimille of my messy mind. The blog had become like a closet where the blouses from 1986 and stirrup pants from 1990 needed cullling for Goodwill. Or the costume shop.

So I added the Twitter feature. You can now follow me on Twitter, you luckies. And categories. Remarkably it only took two years to figure this out. And since I recently took a training on search engine optimization, I'm tagging and adding descriptions like a madwoman.

Then I thought, wow, wouldn't it be cool to have parent categories, which would allow the listing of patterns and recipes. In attempting this, I accidentally pointed the parent and child files to the same place which caused the site to, as our server guy said, "kill itself."

Well, it lives. Thanks to Nake-id IT.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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