What Tunisian crochet hath wrought

Our homework for class was to finish our scarves, easy enough given the Big investment, previously mentioned. The result, as you can see, is irresistable: textural, smooshy and warm. No doubt I'll cut quite a figure at the bus stop this afternoon.

I've started a second one, prompting Mr. Nake-id to say, "You're really into this Croatian Crochet, aren't you?"

You got that right, honey.

Tunisian seems to be a trending thing; Kelly at Wild Yarns mentioned that Interweave Crochet usually features a pattern or two, and occasionally Knitting Daily mentions something. Ravelry is full of Tunisian patterns, good and bad. (Am over-the-moon with these slippers.) And, of course, Jennifer Hansen, keeps pushing crochet along with patterns like this smashing jacket.)

So, yes, it's all I can think about. And Wild Yarns just happens to have an interchangeable Tunisian hook set from Knitter's Pride, which has me in a complete lather.

Be interested to see what Tunisian patterns you've seen that inspire...

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