What a month

I attended a college that was on the quarter system--great when stuck with a chemistry professor whose German accent was thick as Bavarian rye; not so great when you had to read 10 novels in 10 weeks, including Ulysses.

Winter quarter was always the worst. Ten grey weeks straddling January and March--a swift, but dreary slog from mid-terms to finals and papers.

This feels like winter quarter. Lots of wan sunny days, difficult projects, my best work eluding me.

But this helps:

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February 13. 2009 17:45


So sorry you didn't see the light.  The cover for my Macbook is a very regal purple.

DIana |

February 14. 2009 00:24

Deborah Robson

That's a very snazzy computer. I hope it works as well as it looks!

Deborah Robson |

February 15. 2009 19:29


Red and shiny always gets me too.

theresa |

February 16. 2009 13:51


WOW!!!! It is so pretty!

Stephanie |

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