What to do with a turban (squash)

 This grotesquery has been malingering in our winter squash stash, low these many months. To say I wasn't tempted to shot put it into the compost would be to lie. It looked too daunting and large to make nice on a plate. Frankly, I was scared.

A quick trip on the Infobahn didn't alleviate those fears. Turban squash were reported to have a thick, dry, mild-tasting flesh, perfect for soups. Unsatisfied, I pressed further until I found a cook who threw caution to the wind and treated the cucurbita maxima like a butternut squash. After making a winter squash parmesan spread (served with homemade brown rice bread), I'm confident that you can substitute the turban for the butternut in most recipes for good results.

The spread, by the way, was warming and subtle. A nice accompaniment to our leftover turkey soup.


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